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Rayleen & Brent

An absolute dream, sums up Rayleen and Brents big day.

Rayleen contacted me to take her photos for her special day. After she told me her date 29.10.2021 I told her I would of not long had baby and wouldn't be able to do them, but after Rayleen said to bring the baby and she will only have me for a couple of hours I knew I had to do this...

It was a stunner of a day. As the bride rocked up in her coffee van (early may I add) there was laughter, excitement and eeeekkkkkk this is happening moments. Brent was waiting for his bride while she was escorted down the aisle by her two sons.

Rocking the ceremony out at the Winton Oval

Sign and sealed with a kiss, Introduction Mrs & Mr Young

After kisses and hugs from family, friends and the family photos we headed out to Brents work and into the bush for some photos. With a wine of course!!

Was a wonderful day and so happy for you both.

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